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Frank Odell Howard
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I want to first thank you all for coming onto my website! Welcome y'all!!...

Ever since I've gotten out of touch with you all, this past year has been very interesting to say the least but as the saying goes, sometimes in life you have to take one step back to gain two steps forward! Sounds like a dance move huh?!!

These next few steps I'm venturing into are going to be exciting, explosive, and most importantly be something bigger than myself. As most of you who already know me, I've been on a 12 year quest to launch the program Maddhandles. I've racked in a few wins, have failed miserably, but have learned and gained so much from its experience. Don't get me wrong, I'm still learning here so don't expect me to be a pro at this "yet" ha!

blog img1I'm proud to announce that Maddhandles will be at the Nike 3on3 basketball tournament this coming August 5-7th. I've began selling T shirts on the website to help sponsor this event. Let me stop here and say this,... For every shirt that's sold, a portion of the funds will go towards helping foster children!! I was raised in a foster home and know first hand just how important these kids need help, love, and support.

With that being said, go to purchase a shirt and I'm looking forward to seeing you all at the Nike 3on3 Basketball tournament.